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At Sanctum Homes we build, extend and renovate beautiful, high performing, energy efficient homes. We also specialise in awesome relationships with our clients, architects, designers, trades, suppliers - and our own team! 

This passion we love to call the #sanctumexperience.

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We are proud members of the Passive House Association of Australia and are Certified Passive House Tradespersons and HIA Greensmart Professionals. 


We use building elements such as quality building wraps, high performance windows, lots of insulation of various types, ensuring minimum energy to heat and cool, saving a lot of resources and cost over the lifetime of a home.  This is a baseline for all of our projects.  Is this something that interests you?  It’s something that absolutely fascinates us and we are passionate about incorporating these elements into every build. ​

​Check out the video by the Green Building Institute

and meet Hamish White, Director of Sanctum Homes,

talking about high performance building from the site

of our Belgrave project during construction.


#sanctum experience


We work best in a collaborative process with our clients, their architects and designers from the very beginning and tailor a customised project to suit our clients budget and desires, to achieve the very best outcome.  

There's no denying the fact that any major renovation project or new build we take on we're going to get to know our clients and they're going to get to know us, very well.  One of the first questions of a new project we ask is, "Can we have a great, working relationship?"  If the answer is yes we know we  will all have an awesome experience!   #sanctumexperience 

That's our number one aim.  


We're meticulous about how an entire project is managed and executed whether it’s a new build, a major renovation or a stunning alfresco.  Whatever the project size our clients are always fully informed throughout the entire process.

If you’d like to learn in more detail about how we work and could fit in with your new build or renovation aspirations please contact us at enquiries@yoursanctum.com.au. Even if you’re just thinking about the next step, it’s a great stage to get some insight and direction and we’d love to help with that.

Visit our Instagram and Facebook pages at @sanctumhomes for the latest updates of our projects.  And have a look at our Projects here on the website.  


Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your visit.  :-)